Who Sang Falling Off the Sky? Rainmaker

Rainmaker Alienation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-11-2
length: 2:23
These endless sleepless hours drawing sceneries,
Thinking of you my bird, going from branches to cities.
With all your grace, flying over the human anthills,
Where the folks stare at you,
Where the folks envy you...
But better are the things you've got to do,
Better than letting them tear off your wings.
Perhaps, every human being would like to be a bird,
Likely, to see their lives from the top of their buildings,
And fly down their streets. Fly down their streets.
Certainly, they could have wings, and finally attempt to reach for the stars,
But tell me how the hell could they ever be graceful like you?
And the ground will always be the only thing they will ever
Get to touch when falling off the sky.

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Abolish...
  • 2 Still Waters Run Deep
  • 3 Relinquish Your Grip on the Rope, You Won't Fall
  • 4 Rather Die Young, Than Die Young at Heart
  • 5 Farewell Swallows
  • 6 Silence
  • 7 Falling Off the Sky
  • 8 ... Alienation