Who Sang Farewell Swallows? Rainmaker

Rainmaker Alienation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-11-2
length: 5:34
Drawing the darkest landscapes, the deepest frozen lakes.
Where cold is a glint of nothingness's glow.
Drawing emptiness without knowing where to stop.
Stumble, tremble, shiver, shatter!
You can keep telling me white,
My answer will always be black.

De jour les victimes, c'est toujours facile.
Se morfondre est le chemin le plus court à prendre vers la sortie.
Tu peux mettre ça sur le compte de la jeunesse ou de l'ignorance.
Mais toujours est-il que je n'ai plus de temps à perdre.
Je ne sais pas où je vais, mais je suis pressé d'y aller.
Adieu hirondelles et autres collines,
Ce soir, c'est mon jour de grâce.
This is just one more winter,
This is just one more winter...
Endless and unpardonable.
Mother Sea, you've left me in the void,
And all I've got left is a frozen heart!
Farther Sun, you've left me in the void,
And all I've got left is a frozen heart!
Wide-open arms to freedom,
Raise your eyes to the sky and
Hear falling, its h***se noises.
So meet Jackdaw, he's my brother,
Taking me away from here!
I've never considered the idea, that it might be possible, for me to fly,
To these dark landscapes that I've pictured myself in and,
Leave my bitterness behind. Leave place for Grace!

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Abolish...
  • 2 Still Waters Run Deep
  • 3 Relinquish Your Grip on the Rope, You Won't Fall
  • 4 Rather Die Young, Than Die Young at Heart
  • 5 Farewell Swallows
  • 6 Silence
  • 7 Falling Off the Sky
  • 8 ... Alienation