Who Sang Rather Die Young, Than Die Young at Heart? Rainmaker

Rainmaker Alienation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-11-2
length: 5:15
Don't be afraid and let all this go
There is no such a thing as gender roles
No codes to follow according to
Whether you were born ,
With a v***** or a sack of b****
Rules, roles and codes are here to be abolished
So go ahead and become who you really are,
f*** the stigmas and the white-trash diagnoses.
f*** your misogynist culture and s***** traditions
f*** acting according to your leg-in-betweeners
f*** following a set of rules they taught you to follow
f*** being the provider or the provided
Not here to please partners but here to please myself
There ain't no colour shades in our world
'Cause everything you offer is just black, black, black
Whoever you are, don't undergo their oppression,
The only person you should live up to is yourself
Never let them silence you!

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Abolish...
  • 2 Still Waters Run Deep
  • 3 Relinquish Your Grip on the Rope, You Won't Fall
  • 4 Rather Die Young, Than Die Young at Heart
  • 5 Farewell Swallows
  • 6 Silence
  • 7 Falling Off the Sky
  • 8 ... Alienation