Who Sang Still Waters Run Deep? Rainmaker

Rainmaker Alienation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-11-2
length: 4:56
Yes, my heart is still pumping the b***** pain
Of these long years of silence and disappointments.
No, I don't love you and you don't either,
I am just an event of your life, a consequence
Of your miserable way of being and your stupid acts.
I'm not a page in your book, just a line in your biography,
(I've) Never been someone to be proud of
Rather a great example of what you'd reject
(You'll) never be someone to be proud of
Your thoughts are as deep... as deep as a puddle.

And tell me I wouldn't want to jump in your thoughts,
With both my feet tied and splash 'em all out
Your words make me stumble as the wine in your veins
Speak out the fever of all my awful pains.
I'll never digest the horrible sound of your voice
I wasn't born to pretend to be someone I am not.
Can't swallow that flesh you're pushing down my throat.
So yeah, just lock me in that dark room for another night,
Anxiety shakes up my body with that beast in my sight.
Over the limit and way too far you've gone that time,
It's now my turn to be in the center of my intentions.
So please leave me on the floor, start feeling the tension.
f*** no, I will never be a so-called man like you,
I don't wanna be a tough and a stubborn ignorant.
Let me be sensitive, let me cry, let me love how the hell I want.
Out of my boundaries beats my heart over all
Like the sound of your fist smashing up that wall
Paper won't be enough to cover the marks of this fall
Someday you'll realize that you've lost what you did best
So you'll bite your fingers and then I will say :
Still waters run deep!
And it took me years to
Still waters run deep!
Put words on my feelings but
How great it feels to finally be able to write all this
Still waters run deep!
And you've never got that
Still waters run deep!
See, I can scream aswell, though
I actually have something to tell
It's not your parents' death that will make me get back to you.
Neither will yours. The only thing we've got in common is our blood.
It was your decision to leave me here, alone. You call yourself a man
But you never had the courage to explain me why. But in fact,
You're a coward, you repulse me. You're meaningless to me.
This is the last attention I'm giving you, go to hell!

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