Who Sang Chiraqistan? Ralo feat. Lil Durk

Lil Durk Ralo LaFlare cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-7-7
length: 3:43
Let’s get it *****
You know how we rockin’ *****, only the Famgoon ****
Only the Famgoon *****
Ay Durk
Turn up

OG, I’m with OTF and you know we verse anybody
Some of that they forgot, we think they forgot about it
Hop out we reminding *****s, who the **** behind these *****s?
**** whoever signed these *****s, we shoot whoever ridin’ with ‘em

I’m hanging with the robbers and the scammers
I’mma put a pint inside a Fanta
Only the Famgoon, **** these rappers
Big dinosaur four-five like a raptor
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ralo told a ***** slide to Pakistan
Got my *****s with me so you know we packed the van
Blood in my eyes like I’m Fifty man
Started with a million, that’s how I’mma end

Started with a million we end with a billion
Everything changed when we came in the building
Having this paper, one hell of a feeling
**** with Lil Durk and my *****s start killing
Just left out the back and we flew to Chiraq
I promised Lil Durk we wouldn’t ever look back
And we get them racks and we split it up
Won’t none of these *****s be big as us
You keep it loyal, I do the same
Tell on my team when I lose a game
He was talkin’ ‘til that Uzi came
Run your mouth, we start shootin’ thangs
We ain’t never lettin’ **** slide
We ain’t never gon’ switch sides
I get money, I don’t get tired
Go get your own and stop **** ridin’

First hunnid band off street money
Had to trap up on that three some’
Lean, percocets, xanny (drugs)
Yeah I just had a threesome
I can’t wait ‘til they make the fifty shot for the four-five Glock
Got out early for my case, you been fighting years, you a cop
Real name Durk, you can call me Mustafa (Abdul Malik)
I don’t know no *****s, I don’t know who shot ya
Run up on his *** like, I got ya
Real street *****s don’t go off gossip

We don’t go off gossip *****
Talkin’ **** and we gon’ pop a *****
I walk in the club with a lot of *****s
That’s how you know it’s a lot of pistols
We never playin’ no peekaboo
We never lyin’ on interviews
You know that you was a ***** in school
I was that ***** that pick on you
I’m the ***** that’ll take your lunch
We gon’ take his **** for say what you want
You know that I was the bully
Ain’t nobody stood up to me
Ain’t no ***** said **** to me
You can ask the ***** next to me
They don’t never send threats of me
They don’t want a ***** neck tooken

Alexander Wang belt, hot boy like Wayne ‘nem
I might OD off the painkillers
In the trenches with the same *****s
I be turn up with the fashion ****
Mouth shut so don’t ask me ****
MAC with the cooler attached to it
You know I ain’t with that lackin’ ****
In my circle ain’t no lames
Cartiers with the gold frames
Three-nine like a soul train
Got a soul plane like Snoop in it
Dummy bags with the woop in it
Crib big, we can hoop in it
Garage big, put the coupe in it
Off the jigga, got the moon with me

We do not rent out apartments
We go and buy up the complex
She better not get in this Corvette
We gonna have us some car sex
We walk in the club and we flood it out
I bought the Rollie and flood it out
Baby mama used to cut me out
Now we ain’t got nothin’ to worry ‘bout
We ain’t worried ‘bout another *****
You see he got all his brothers with him
That’s why the streets really love a *****
‘Cause we ain’t none’ like these other *****s
We don’t **** with the other side
They gon’ make us bring them colors out
Any ***** standing by your side
It gon’ be a double homicide
It’s Durk and Ralo, man we living good
You know we turn up in any hood
We the only rappers in the hood
Ain’t did it yet, but we finna do it
Watch what we do to these *****s
We ain’t that cool with these *****s
We do not move with these *****s
We do not fool with these *****s

That **** there crazy Durk
That ************ go crazy
That the outro, we out
Famgoon! OTF
Ralo LaFlare

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