Who Sang Already Dead? Rancid

Rancid …Honor Is All We Know cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-10-8
length: 2:22
producer: Brett Gurewitz
mixer: Tim Timebomb and Kevin Bivona
engineer: Kevin Bivona and Phillip Broussard
assistant engineer: Jeff Halbert
guitar: Tim Timebomb and Lars Frederiksen
drums (drum set): Branden Steineckert
vocal: Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman and Tim Timebomb
bass guitar: Matt Freeman
writer: Rancid
Well I drank from Tahweh's songs and I dined on a devil's tail
Well I'm the best at selling Christ and I'll see you all in hell

'Cause I'm already dead
'Cause I'm already dead

Well I've been to hell and back one million times
And the hurricane came and water all the way to sounds
If God and Satan both held my hand
They said stay with us til you understand

'Cause I'm already dead
'Cause I'm already dead

Well my mother was a w____, she was blind, deaf and dumb
Well if you look at me across, well you're gonna feel my gun
You see, I lie, cheat and steal and I'll break your f___ing neck
And you'll curse out my name when you take your last breath

'Cause I'm already dead
'Cause I'm already dead
'Cause I'm already dead
'Cause I'm al...

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