Who Sang Evil’s My Friend? Rancid

Rancid …Honor Is All We Know cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-10-8
length: 2:09
producer: Brett Gurewitz
mixer: Tim Timebomb and Kevin Bivona
engineer: Kevin Bivona and Phillip Broussard
assistant engineer: Jeff Halbert
guitar: Tim Timebomb and Lars Frederiksen
drums (drum set): Branden Steineckert
vocal: Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman and Tim Timebomb
bass guitar: Matt Freeman
writer: Rancid

Crime epidemic, never going down
Unsympathetic, put you in the ground
System systematic, survival in the town
Only if you let it, gonna drag you down

Evil’s my friend
Evil’s my friend, again

If you wanna go and get ‘em, you better stand and fight
You’re never gonna let ‘em, take away your right
And the bad ones forget them, running to the night
And the good ones regret them, ready to ignite

Evil’s my friend
Evil’s my friend, again

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