Who Sang One Wish? RandomWalk

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Release Date: 2008-2
I wish to begin with a kiss
and find the evergrey
to flood, to fill one more delusion
that satisfies my woes...
One dream, one breath,
One more flat line to pace,
Another night I tolerate
The filthy s*** that seems to be my face.

Another night goes by...

I need a sound,
I need a voice that speaks my name,
A different eye to recognize
The tortured fiend that used to be myself.
Beneath my secret smile,
I lick my curse.
Another fading light,
Another night.

I wish, to become the machine I so despise
and feast on cries,
To dissolve and fly
and drown inside my ugly lies...
I wish to sleep,
I wish to smile,
Deep down inside
I wish to covet my denial.

It's growing darker with each breath

CD 1
  • 1 One Wish
  • 2 My Eyes
  • 3 Faces Down
  • 4 Mr Gray
  • 5 3rd Scream
  • 6 Deep Down
  • 7 Facades
  • 8 Blood Beneath Your Wings
  • 9 P.S.