Who Sang Chances? Rasco

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Release Date: 2005-11-29
Genre: Hip Hop
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Yeah, I gotta take a chance on this girl now
You never know it might change my world now
I write it down just to tell you how I feel baby
Don't be scared cause this game is real baby

Yo, I met a beautiful girl, with my man chillin
Tried my best to rest, not to catch feelings
She was five foot tall with a turquoise top
Had the prettiest stare, I stopped to stare
Introduced, threw back 70 proof
Take heed man I'm tellin the truth
Yeah, she's the kind that makes dudes lose they mind
For the ring hope she chooses mine
We started to chat, to see where her head was at
The bayonettes{?} where the spread was at
I opened the door, she stepped in never before
Never once had a better rapport
Pretty and shy, hope she can tell I'm the guy
Stay true, never tell her a lie
She caught my eye, believe this girl was fly
It's true love, gotta give it a try


Yo, it's been a couple of months, and we still talkin
Got concerns, I wanna make the spot burn
Takin it slow, she just had to let go
I keep 'em gassed on a full tank of petrol
Spent some time, the way her body blends with mine
Is off the charts you stole my heart
The coldest part, I really had to make her believe
That I wouldn't switch lanes, not a trick up the sleeve
Nah - the finest breed, the kind I need
Make my heart skip beats when it's time to leave
Beautiful skin, she let me in
Knew it had to take time, now this girl is mine
I walked the line, raise my game
Said she wouldn't switch names so it stays the same
In time I feel it all was faith
Things is straight, it's really no time to wait


Yeah she knew it was real, it's time that we sealed the deal
Laid up man we love to chill
Uh-huh, joke and laugh, I still wanna better the half
Choose a wife to have a life cause she's the one
Hope we can see the sun
Love you queen, I'm tellin you this girl's a dream
Yeah, I never thought I would find that one of a kind
Love for real, the love I feel is
Over the top, I want that never to stop
Make it pop 'til it's seven o'clock
I love the lips, the way that I rub your hips
I wanna take her on the longest trips
Spend my days deep into the eyes and gaze
Stepped up, had to change the ways
I'm lettin it go and lettin her know
That the heart's been touched like never befo'


  • 1 Intro
  • 2 The Theory
  • 3 Pressures of Life
  • 4 Backdown
  • 5 Lighting It Up
  • 6 Interlude
  • 7 No Love
  • 8 World's Collide
  • 9 This is How it Goes Down
  • 10 Making the Rounds
  • 11 Emotions
  • 12 Chances
  • 13 What Happened to the Game?
  • 14 Situations
  • 15 San Francisco

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin