Who Sang Misery? Ravenous

Release information
Release Date: 1998-4
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro/Synth-pop/Industrial
length: 4:16
A crying child in her mother's arms
Wrapped in a blanket to keep it warm
Their whole life turned to a misery
But they lost all
They live on the streets for quite a while
Cause their father died in a brutal fight
From their on they were on their own
Nobody cares they were left alone

Now they are begging to get along
In these times they must be very strong
They have lost all except of their pride
They'll never give up until they die

All what they have left is their faith
It is the hope for some better days
So very often they think of the past
Gives them a feeling which never last

So what can we do
To end this misery

CD 1
  • 1 Abandon All Hope
  • 2 Free Corky
  • 3 Underwater Gardens
  • 4 Dark Angels
  • 5 Leaving Paradise
  • 6 Luck Is a Chance
  • 7 In My Dreams
  • 8 Misery
  • 9 Traveller
  • 10 Rain
  • 11 2nd Chance
  • 12 The Voices You Hear (Spit and Polish Mix)
  • 13 Timeless (Remixed by Max Rebo)
  • 14 Eine Mark für Charly