Who Sang Break the Yoke? Ray Boltz

Release information
Release Date: 1986
Genre: Pop
length: 3:47
Standing up on the outside,
Falling down within,
Looking righteous as a pharisee,
Filled with guilt and sin,
Trying to walk with Jesus
The strait and narrow road,
Holding on to this world,
I just could not let go,
That's such a heavy road.

Come and break the yoke Lord,
Come and set this child free,
Come tear down the walls of pride
And all I hide beneath,
Freedom always came to those
Who receive the words you spoke,
I receive your word, break the yoke,
I receive your word, break the yoke.

Praying with my brother
Is such a precious time,
When I confessed my weaknesses
He joined his hands with mine,
I know something happened
When he prayed with me,
The weight of sin fell off,
Jesus set me free.

Come and break the yoke Lord,
Come and set your children free,
Come tear down the walls of pride
And false humility,
The nail scars in your hands and feet
Prove your love for us is not a joke,
Do what you must, break the yoke,
Do what you must, break the yoke.

Now I'm back on my feet again,
A new life's begun,
Every day I'm walking with Jesus,
But you know there are days we even run,
Set free to serve and worship Him,
All the chains He broke,
I'll praise His name forever,
He broke the yoke,
I'll praise your name Lord,
You broke the yoke, you broke the yoke.

Behold the cross that Jesus bore,
Behold the crown of thorns that he wore,
Behold the price that Jesus paid,
The glorious sacrifice that he made.

Behold, oh behold, Jesus Christ the Lord,
Behold, He is the one that we adore.

Behold the tomb where Jesus lay,
Behold the stone, it's been rolled away,
Behold His resurrection power,
He lives again, He lives this hour.


Behold the world in slumber lies,
And then thunder fills the skies,
An angel shouts, a trumpet sounds,
The saints of God are glory bound.

And we adore you Lord,
And we adore your name,
And we lift up our hearts in praise,

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