Who Sang Dare to Believe? Ray Boltz

Ray Boltz Honor and Glory cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-10-27
length: 4:57
You're standing at a mountain
That you know you cannot climb
Your enemy's approaching
You hear him coming from behind
There is trouble all around you
There's no place to run away
But there's a voice
That's deep inside you
Saying it's time to stand in faith

I dare to believe
That miracles happen,
That mountains still move,
And demons must flee
For the God that we serve
He is much more than able
So don't be afraid
Stand up and say,
I dare to believe

There's a miracle inside you
It's just a mustard seed of faith
But by the mighty hand of God now
You know that tiny seed was placed
And though this world
May try to crush you
It can never keep you down
Soon the life of God inside you
Will come breaking through the ground


No matter what the doubters tell you
No matter what the devil says
No matter what anybody,
Anybody else does
You just keep trusting Jesus
You'll see and won't be long
God is right and the doubters are wrong
Just say,


No don't be afraid
Just stand up and say,
I dare to believe
No don't be afraid
Just stand up and say,
I dare to believe

Cassette 1
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  • 2 Scars
  • 3 The Last to Be Chosen
  • 4 The Call / An Honor to Serve
  • 5 Does the Light Still Shine
  • 6 This Is America
  • 7 Fallen Not Forgotten
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