Who Sang Is There a Heaven for Me? Ray Boltz

Ray Boltz Moments for the Heart cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Soft Rock
length: 5:55
Words by Ray Boltz, Music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan

She heard him preaching in the church
She tried but she could not get in
She was a lonely child on the street
The wind was cold against her skin
The wind was cold against her skin

She heard the sound
Of strange new words
That someone else would then explain
They spoke of heaven
And a Savior's love
They said that Jesus was His name

Is there a heaven for me?
A place I won't be hungry or cold?
That is a place that I would love to see
Is there a heaven for me

She waited patiently for hours
Until at last she saw him leave
He couldn't understand
The words she said
So he asked tell me what she needs

CHORUS (repeat)

And on that street they knelt and prayed
And on that night a child was saved
Listen closely and you'll hear
More than just a girl
You'll hear the children of the world
You'll hear the children of the world

CHORUS (repeat 2X)
©1996 Shepherd Boy Music/ASCAP (adm. by Word, Inc.) and Weedom & Reap/ASCAP. The Sinner's Prayer

CD 1
  • 1 Thank You (for Giving to the Lord)
  • 2 The Altar
  • 3 Here Comes a Miracle
  • 4 The Hammer
  • 5 Watch the Lamb
  • 6 Shepard Boy
  • 7 Always Be a Child
  • 8 Let's Begin Again
  • 9 I Will Praise the Lord
  • 10 Feel the Nails
  • 11 Take Up Your Cross

  • 1 I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb
  • 2 What If I Give All
  • 3 The Storm / The Anchor Holds
  • 4 One Drop of Blood
  • 5 Dare to Believe
  • 6 Seasons Change
  • 7 At the Foot of the Cross
  • 8 For Only One
  • 9 God Gave Me Back Tomorrow
  • 10 I Think I See Gold
  • 11 Is There a Heaven for Me
  • 12 The Sinner's Prayer
  • 13 There Stood a Lamb