Who Sang But on the Other Hand, Baby? Ray Charles

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Writer(s): Percy Mayfield, Ray Charles
length: 3:13
[1st Verse]

You know I'm hooked for you mama
That's why you sling your weight around

You Know I'm hooked for you mama
That's why you sling your weight around

But as long as your lovin' beats your hoggin'
Little Girl I'll never put you down

[2nd Verse]

You argue when I leave for work
You argue when I get home
Everything I try to do for you
You always say that I'm wrong
I bring you home all my money
Except the little I keep for expense
And when I get home to you mama you always tell me
''Ray you ain't got nooo sense''


But on the other hand baby
You I can understand

Ah, But when you put your loving arms around me honey
You make me forget about everything

[3rd Verse]

I think about the lousy way you treat me
Your always-raising sin
I know that you know that I know
That you've got another man
Ah, Half the time that I'm at home
I have to go to a café and eat
And when you argue all night long
I have to go down to the den and sleep


But on the other hand baby
Your loving eases all my pain

And when you put your loving arms around me honey
You make old Ray forget about everything

written by J. Dean [London UK]

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    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin