Who Sang Say Goodbye? Reamonn

Release information
Release Date: 2001-9-17
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock
length: 6:09
producer: Steve Lyon
composer: Rea Garvey
lyricist: Rea Garvey
I don't wanna be like you are
Cut up in your dreams
Real life attracs me more
But what will reveals
I don't wanna be in your world
For your fights were to long
I can't agree with your words
I can't carry on

If you let me go
I'll say goodbye

I don't wanna follow your banners
And don't stand on your ground
I don't wanna fight before your causes
I make a worry your sound

No, I don't wanna be the way you are now
You're fighting to long
You stay there I'll be with you
I'll be a fool, fool, fool, don't you know I'm gone

And if I go,
I'll say goodbye


No, don't say that it's my problem
I see your father turns in his grave
I'm here here here, here for life
I'm worried up to save

Your soul, your soul, your soul
Yeah, it's burning
And you're not yet in hell
You have so so many, so many stories
You wanna take away the once I tell


I don't have the answers to your problems
When streets run bright
I'll be the one who was running
In fear of
Where you left me crawling
In wondering in fear
Your so strong, yeah, I see you
But you're there and I'm here


If you let me go...

CD 1
  • 1 Weep (single edit)
  • 2 Come Together
  • 3 I Love You (The Lie and Truth)
  • 4 Weep (club mix)
  • 5 Say Goodbye