Dead Men Don't Rape Lyrics - Red Harvest

Red Harvest Sick Transit Gloria Mundi cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal/Industrial
length: 4:23
[You deserve to die]
Just a night like any other night
Something just isn't right
Tonight - warm winds blowing
Moon glowing bright - tonight
Across the darkness till the time goes by
Clock keeps ticking

Abducted by fate
Use of force - forced intercourse
Hate behind it all
Restraint - the dice will fall
Just a night like any other night
Something just isn't right
Taking from her - life - tonight
Tearing down the wall
No feeling at all

[You deserve to die]
Dead men don't rape

Tonight wont be the same
Time to end your painful game
I may be a man - but I'm no man like you
I believe in nothing you do
Lower than the s___
That flows from your a__
Finger flexes trigger
You feel the blast
Bullet rips - ripping flesh
Ripping you - nothing left
Open wide - time to swallow your pride
Choke on your c___ - how does it feel
Now you know the pain is real

I spit on your grave
As you lie there rotting
I s___ on your grave
As maggots rape your body

[Die f___er]
Dead men don't rape

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