Brendan’s Death Song Lyrics - Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Writer(s): Michael Balzary, Anthony Kiedis, Josh Adam Klinghoffer, Chad Smith
Release Date: 2011-8-26
length: 5:38
mixer: Andrew Scheps
recording engineer: Andrew Scheps, Ryan Hewitt and Greg Fidelman
percussion: Lenny Castro
editor: Chris Holmes, Dana Nielsen and Jason Gossman
assistant recording engineer: Ken Sluiter, Phillip Broussard and Sara Lyn Killion
writer: Chad Smith, Josh Klinghoffer, Anthony Kiedis, Flea
If I die before I get it done
Will you decide
Take my words and turn them
Into signs that will survive
Because a long time ago
I knew not to deprive
It’s safe out there and now you’re everywhere
Just like the skies
You are love you are the love supreme
You are the rise
And when you hear this
You’ll know it’s your jam
It’s your goodbye

Like I said
You know I’m almost dead
You know I’m almost gone
And when the drummer drums
He’s going to play my song
To carry me along
Like I said
You know I’m almost dead
You know I’m almost gone
And when the boatman comes
To ferry me away
To where we all belong

We all crossed when we were feeling lost
It’s just the tide
Katari cried the day her lover died
She recognized
Because he gave her
A life of real love
It’s no surprise
The nights are long
But the years are short
When you’re alive
Way back when would never be again
It was a time
It’s gonna catch you
So glad I met you
To walk the line

Let me live
So when it’s time to die
Even the reaper cries
Let me die
So when it’s time to live
Another son will rise

Yeah Yeah

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