Who Sang No Lesson Learned? Red Union

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Release Date: 2006
Another day of broken promises
Our little games behind each other's back
Petty lies bring sunshine to our lives
Yet we pretend our dignity's intact
It seems like everyone knows everyone
And nothing that we say remains unheard
Just having fun and when all is said and done
We all get what we deserve

Dust to dust!
There's no more trust
Just envy and betrayal

Heads are rolling in the shadows where we hide
Our tongues untied, we're not afraid to use them
Word is spoken now there's no turning back
Gossip lined up for attack, the crossbows have been handed
For who these arrows are intended?
Another day, another victory
Again it rained on somebody's parade
It makes me sick just trying to think of all
The s*** we say and all the mess we've made
Dirt is up our throat, it never matters who
We slag each others off, cause that is what we do
We're tearing down, story of a boring town
Just counting days till it's all through
Day by day
Same old games we play
Wake me up when it's all over

Yesterday I had a dream
Can you tell me what it means
We were shaking hands with everyone we hate
Is there any way to break from this hell that we created?

CD 1
  • 1 W.M.D.
  • 2 Letters
  • 3 Two Feet Down
  • 4 Disagree
  • 5 Operation Certain Death
  • 6 Uncle Says
  • 7 Power in the Union
  • 8 American Soldier
  • 9 (Re)Loaded Gun
  • 10 Party People
  • 11 No Lesson Learned
  • 12 Constant State of War/Radio Radio

  • Release information
    label: Bandworm Records
    country(area): Germany
    format: CD
    script: Latin