Who Sang Love Kills Us All / Life in One Day? Redemption

Redemption Snowfall on Judgment Day cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-9-29
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock/Heavy Metal
Every summer leads to fall
And we give your hearts
Hoping there's no chain of consequence
And there's nothing I can do
To change my past mistakes
That built up these barriers between us

I know the truth is something we can't run from
But I know you do your best
I feel you running every day
So many things you don't want to believe in
And all I'm left with knowing
Is eventually, love kills us all

Seems so strange to think of
A time before we met
Before I knew the meaning
Of love or of regret

You're hiding, I'm searching
I'm holding out my heart for you to take
I'm losing, but I'm fighting
Because I know our future is at stake

Can you live your life in one day
Cause I don't know what more I've got to offer
A transient connection
Just a flash and then it's gone
And only I remain

Snow fell on the platform
Of that train on Boxing Day
Falling into your arms
Is where I'd hoped to stay

Your heart protected
And I've got only emptiness inside

Now I've lived my life in one day
I don't know what more I have to wait for
An element reacting
Just a flash and then it's gone
And only I remain

Something stirred the embers
In this long dead heart
Beautiful and simple
But much too far apart
We only had a moment
But this I know is true:
If you close your eyes - remember it
I'll be there with you

Won't you take my hand for just one day
I'll give you everything I've got to offer
A transient reaction
Just a flash and then it's gone
A solitary moment
But the memory still lingers on
And I would go through anything
Just to feel that way again
To live my life in just one day

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