Who Sang The Fullness of Time: I. Rage? Redemption

Redemption The Fullness of Time cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-6-21
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Prog Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 5:02
[I. Rage:]

Struck down by the persons that I trusted
Robbed of dignity and left for dead
I can feel unmeasurable anger building in me
Emptiness and rage begin to burn inside my head
Once I was a person withoug malice
Once my heart bled red instead of black
Friends with one hand held behind their backs carried knives
Didn't see the blades 'till tehy were buried in my back
Sleep with one eye open
Knowing that I'm watching you
Listen for my footsteps on every darkened street
Like a call for help unanswered
You can scream but no one hears your voice
No one there to save you
As I take my just revenge
I can hear your laughter
I can see you think you've won
But I don't know how you live
With no remorse for waht you have done
You claimed you were my friend
All the while you planned to murder me
You claimed that I imagined all the things you'd done to me
You'll pay for being so destructive
Youll beg for compassion
But I've nothing left to give

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  • 5 The Fullness of Time: I. Rage
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