I've Been to Bali Too Lyrics - Redgum

Release information
Release Date: 1984-8
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
length: 3:47
Qantas flight 20, Denpasar, meals and accom', rent-a-car
I've been to Bali, I've been to Bali too

Took a two week course at a suntan clinic
So lying round legian and I wouldn't look anaemic
And you can't impress me, 'cause I've been to Bali too

Got a ride out to Kuta in the back of a truck
Cost me twenty dollars and it wasn't worth a buck
Hustled to a losman down Poppies Lane
By a Javanese guy in a tropical rainstorm
Lock up your daughters, I've been to Bali too

Life is tragic hanging out at Kuta
If you haven't got a car, a bike or a scooter
Show me the bike shop, I've been to Bali too

Got myself a Honda, had to get away
No brakes, bald tyres, five thousand rupes a day
I've been to Bali too.

Well I don't ride a bike much home in Australia
As a motorcycle hero guess I'm a failure
Bemos to the left, trucks to the right
The Honda was a wreck but I was alright
Hello mecurochrome, I've been to Bali too

Wired home for money, short of cash
A dose of Bali belly and a tropical rash
Daddy came through - American Express
Bali t-shirts, magic mushrooms, Redgum bootlegs
I've been to Bali too

Took my bag and mozzie coils to Peliatan
It's there were my Bali trip really began
Been there, done that, I've been to Bali too

Tourists from Holland, Britain and France
Late night puppet shows, leg on dance
Want to see my slides, I've been to Bali too

Well I wandered off to Ubud, just a little up the track
One week there didn't want to come back
Listening to Gamelon playing guitar
Janteris, tacos, Hotel Monara, two month visa
I've been to Bali too.

Flying Kangaroo out of Denpasser, left

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