Still Life Lyrics - Redgum

Release information
Release Date: 1984-8
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
length: 3:44
The axe is swift and reckless
Feel the grain, split it wide
Cut away to build the mansions
Of banks and boards in distant hands
The axeman looks to the sun
Covered eyes, blind to silence

The future is eroding
The sacred past destroyed
No damning feats of progress
Comfort the unemployed
The earth is shred and skun
Fortune seekers hit and ru-un

Barren earth, poisoned skies, wasted seas
Will we see the light through the trees
Before the last axe falls

A sweet breeze of rage is blowing
From forest to the town
Slowly the tide is turning
With love the seed is sown
No time for feeling helpless
We've change to make
While there's still li-ife

Lessons learnt quickly fade, memories
Will we see the light through the trees
As the last axe falls

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