Creepin' Lyrics - Redman

Redman Muddy Waters cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-12-10
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Hardcore Hip-Hop
All my country funky brother ************s

Verse One:

To my no good *****z and my no good *****es

Sorry if I left somebody leavin out with stitches

Seems y'all too bold for ya britches

Enslaved your mind like cotton pickers for runnin wit some rotten *****z

I get raw to the core with hardcore metaphors

reservoir Dog style truly yours

Yes I be the slug up in your chest

Then you wonder why you can't feel the full strength of ciggarettes

My nationality is, brutality

I got the gun up under your leather ***** so walk casually

You'd be surprised how much info you can get

For a bottle of crack to find yo' punk *** and yo' kinfolks

Plus, that crew you run with is butt

I was dusted one day when I made your man choke up

Rappers comin to New Jersey and be gettin ****ed up

Talkin about where they from and **** when dem sons ain't runnin ****

and go off a BIT if you do a show in da Bricks

You'd swear you was fly and how we bring so much turbulence

I keep your nervous level high *****

You better kiss your son and daughter, tell em bye *****

When we creep

Verse Two:

I give respect to all my woolly *****z with the Rolex

Shinin briquettes, flashin cash and dumpin Moets

Especially when my royalty check is late, I don't hesitate

I scoop up Keith, and see who's flashin at the Palla-

-dium, hide your weed *****z cause here I come

Lookin bummy for low profile, so loud MC's overlook me

I slip the bartender some more

Just to tell me [how much cash and Dom P you pour]

Huh, I should start robbin rappers in the industry

If we ain't clickin then I'm engineerin your injuries

Forty-eight tracks of automatics and facts

Lyrically splat-datted till your mentality blacks

And I don't give a **** if you did thirty bids

Still I bring Ecstasy like I'm the rapper Jaleel

Blaow blaow blaow, lickin shots for your ****in

mind, I got you *****z duckin out like I'm one-time

Or five-oh, po-po, I drive hoes nutty

Like I be doin security at my live shows

Your A&R is a punk, he got you gassed

when I brutally smash any contender in my weight class

Aiyyo Twinz yo this ***** got jewels

(hold that ***** while I rob this fool)

When we creep

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