Who Sang Rock Da Spot? Redman

Redman Muddy Waters cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-12-10
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Hardcore Hip-Hop
length: 4:11
Rock da spot
Rock da spot
Rock da spot

I'm the bomb, ringin' off all types alarms
My palms, be swift with the pen like Lynn Swann's
Aggravated ***ault, against an MC
Beat him down with the mic and all types of pedigrees
It's mad real in Da Bricks, plus I roll thick
You can quote this, I'm the Moby **** of dopeness
*****, walk the walk if you talk the talk
I DK New Jerz, and DK-New York

I don't push a lot of vehicles, but I push a used one
With a tape deck, if it's feasible
Tell the truth, I don't own a Lex Coupe
But I get you souped when I rock respect due
I'sa nice ***** that wanna get diced
Slice the mic device like the body of Christ twice
E Double if you feel me hit me once, a breaker one, a breaker two
'Cause trouble to you family and friends

Let me cut the bullshit, just hand me yo ends
Got caught out there 'cause you a Mack without 10
Punch you in your chin
The rucker, bringer, live from Hell, but stay cooler than a double L
Turn a felony to a misdemeanor
Now the court subpeonaed me to get my act cleaner
**** that, still walk out holdin' my strap
Blunt, grabbin' my weiner

When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot

Now first of all I go for broke, check the third quarter note
I make you feel like your water broke
Can't tell whether male or female
I ****ed up your frame well, the monogram can't tell
All aboard my balls, 'cause my **** don't got a lot of room
For the rest of y'all
Grab on my pubics, let my music take flight
Rock indo and out-do', **** run in and out yo'

*****, about nine inch up the clit
Can you feel me comin', yeah I usually make 'em ****
I shines MC's up for auction
So I can sell 'em on Saturday, Keith put the bat away
Let's lay in the cut, so we can break his whole anatomy down
And turn into an ***-kicking holiday

Word, I rolls with the Funklord
With more flavors than them ************s on them Benetton billboards
He's bleeding get the gauze
He shoulda knew Def Squad crew is who I kill for
Push the clip in, slide the top back
Make sure it's off safety, in case he wanna counteract
**** like that get me vexed
So I crack your *** like corn while your ***** crack my Beck's

When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
Rock da spot

Aiyyo, catch this picture, of me in the mixture
So you won't forget the, black Jack the Ripper
Sorceror offin' y'all with techniques
A universal lingo, with the odd speaks
Control more blacks than Harlem week, freak
Smokin' that leak at full peak
Peace to Greg Street, and underground radio technique
College radio, no I mack **** like Maceo

Yeah, the East Coast West Coast **** giver
I oughta be an alkie, the way I hit liver
Deliver, the milk to your door, real raw
**** you never seen before
So when you come inside, and do the front
Watch the double-pump shotgun and please don't run
Relax your minds, let your conscious be free
And get money, and G's and roll these trees

When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
When I'm gonna [Incomprehensible] rock da spot
Rock da spot

This is DJ Saywhat, on this ************
Comin' to you live from WFDS radio from da Brick City

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Iz He 4 Real
  • 3 Rock Da Spot
  • 4 Welcome (interlude)
  • 5 Case Closed
  • 6 Pick It Up
  • 7 Skit
  • 8 Smoke Buddah
  • 9 Whateva Man
  • 10 Chicken Head Convention (skit)
  • 11 On Fire
  • 12 Do What Ya Feel
  • 13 The Stick Up (skit)
  • 14 Creepin'
  • 15 It's Like That (My Big Brother)
  • 16 Da Bump
  • 17 Skit
  • 18 Yesh Yesh Ya'll
  • 19 What U Lookin' 4
  • 20 Soopaman Luva 3 Interview (skit)
  • 21 Soopaman Luva 3
  • 22 Rollin'
  • 23 Da Ill Out