Soopaman Luva 3 Lyrics - Redman

Redman Muddy Waters cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-12-10
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Hardcore Hip-Hop
length: 4:12
Look up in the sky (Soop soop...)
It's a bird (Soop soop...)
It's a plane! (Soop soop...)
Nah ************s (Soop soop...)

I was flyin through the **********in sky
With my blunt full of lye boom ba zee on five
Code name beez the Soopa Man **** my Luger
Blast on state trooper I'm on the run G
I've got these hoes spread from Japanese to diabetics
Toes stay painted because of my foot fetish
You damn right, they had to ban me from eatin ***** all night
W-W-F and then just
slammin in the rope like Sean Mike
I can't be touched *****, I disco in kryptonite
**** I'm broke as hell
I had to buy all my girls fifty-fo'-eleven Reeboks at wholesale
Almost got caught boostin out of Bodell's
*****es on my coattails like they coat rails
Can't even go in a jam without a ***** grabbin my hand
and squeezin my *** sayin "Youse the man!"
That's who the **** I be
I got a, college degree, on bomb-zee and wreckin MC's
Makin **** happen like Lil' Cease
I come from a land of fontum leaf, bark from trees
that stick in your hand, and lakes rollin sea-weed
Criminals be up to no good
So I tuck a heater
Bulletproof suit still in the ****in cleaners, but anyways
I bumped into my neighbor Johnny Blaze
Told me there's a ***** up the block who got more **** than AK's
The ***** just moved in, in building 210
Right next door to the Fantastic Four, and the Penguin
Good lookin Johnny, five-oh's right behind me
Let me act like I know and get ghost
Tuck in my Nina-Ross, get my cape and shades
Now I'm off with the Soopaman Three antidote

("While the planets and the stars and the moons collapse")
Cause I am so cool
("When I raise my trigger finger all y'all *****z hit the deck")
Cause I am so cool
("Cause ain't no need for that, hustlers and hardcore")
Cause I am so cool
("Raw to the floor, raw like reservoir Dogs")
Cause I am so cool

Aiyyo word up
To make a long story short
And ****, I went
To the ***** house, and this what the **** happened

Aiyyo, knock knock, "Who is it?"
"It's the Soopa, here to pay that *** a visit
Heard you wasn't givin up your *****
So I got the right **** to get with
Where yo' man at *****?" "He's out of town flippin biscuits"
"Well open up the do' den, before I start unloadin
on your ***** from here and leave it swollen"
"Aiyyo how I know it's you?" "Aiyyo check my credentials"
"I eat yo' gun lead and **** out number two pencils
I ate a ton of dog **** ain't never got sick
***** I even know how many keys your man flip
I'm low down and dirty, but not insane
I know all these ***** *** cops by their first name
Smoked a pound of Purple Rain and kept control
***** I was the third ***** on the grassy knoll
And you askin me, how you know it's the Soopa
Open the door, I just blast on state trooper"
She opened up the door, and I walked in
She grabbed the hammer, and nailed it till I'm locked in
I said, "Yo whassup *****? You must be trippin
You must want to see how this thirty-eight be spittin"
"Nah nah boo, it's my ex-boyfriend, he be buggin
He can't take it no more than I don't want to **** him
I was gonna get this ***** Faride to snuff him"
"Well if he come back through, I'm not talkin I'm bustin
Zip my zipper down ***** and start suckin
Get your anus wet for long **** ****in"
"Oooh, I like the way you talk, just Put It In My Mouth"
"Yeah, and I'ma keep that **** in when I'm comin"
****ed for thirty-six minutes and twelve seconds
"Hit it from the back yo" oh yeah ***** no question
Turn that *** around, she had tattoos of names on her back
She said, "I keep track"
I started readin her back I couldn't believe
I read one name it said EPMD
I turned her *** around I said no it couldn't be
It was the J-to-tha-A-to-tha-N-to-tha-E
Her ***** walls grabbed my **** so I'm stuck
So I burnt that *** from that blunt hash that I lit up
"Owwwww!!" She jumped up, puffed up, started yellin
I smacked her, cracked her, put her in a full nelson
"Okay, okay, okay, okay, I give up
Besides Soopaman Luva, I think I hear my *****"
Aiyyo car pulls up, he steps up and stick his keys in
The door opened, I snatched him up for no reason
Gave him a two piece with a biscuit, laid him out
Oh ****, it was that ***** Parrish Smith!

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