Who Sang Touch You? Reflection Eternal feat. Piakhan & Supa Dave West

Supa Dave West Train of Thought cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-10-17
length: 4:42
producer: Hi‐Tek
guest performer: Supa Dave West and Piakhan
mixer: Troy Hightower
recording engineer: Dave Dar
guitar: Jeff Davidson
guest spoken vocals: Dave Chappelle
writer: David Stanford Jr., Supa Dave West, Talib Kweli, Hi‐Tek

Oh what's up everybody this is Rick James
Talib Kweli, DJ Hi Tek, Reflection Eternal

[Supa Dav West]
We Make the Music That Change your life
'Bout to touch you just right
All night we gonna to shine the light
'Bout to touch you just right

Piakhan floating on the mighty clouds of joy
Building a future, yo, for my daughter and baby boy (uh huh)
I moved form the hood yet the shit still in me
And your opinion is nothing to me
I have plenty like bein' out of prison
With a roof over my dome
And possessing the gift such as sparking the microphone
Accumulate the provolone makin' it happen with Talib
A Nattian cat we got em' snappin' Roberta Flackin' the track and
Killin' em softly with out flossin'
But yet the shine is glossy and
The run the lyrical train through your brain shit
Strategy pain, I'm on some Clubber Lane shit
With the iron, ain't no use in you trying "I ain't lyin'"
Through your ears mesmerize em'
It's about time we started risin'
Once again replace bullets with words, try to make it fun again

(Chorus) w/ minor variations

[Talib Kweli]
If the put my life on the screen then its got to Be the IMAX
I live large stroke your mind, till you reach climax
Terrorist hijack on Hi Tek fly tracks front don't try that
My niggas got my back, you gotta relax, ease back
What's that all about with the feedback?
All up in my mouth we don't need that
The asphault is the place to be at
Where the people fire burn so bright you can see that believe that
It ain't light music (no)
We make the right music (true)
Keep it tight music (yes)
Affirmin' life music (come on)

(Chorus) w/ minor variations

[Talib Kweli]
It's like girls got the bass all up in they hips
My favorite part on the face is the shape of the lips
Yeah I wanna touch you there (right there)
Your mind is my concubine, when I deliver shivers up your spine
Like the bread and wine, my brains embedded with rhymes
That's ahead of they time, I rock the better design
You cats ain't got the touch
You all suck, like getting head from a dime
I run up in em and, clutch em' if they tremblin'
It's a rush like adrenaline, at a point break the joint shake
When you play this (yeah), your crew is haters when they come
Through with the newest/latest (like that)
Reflection Eternal
Shine light bright like the day till the sky turn purple
And the moon arrive, reflection through the night
That touch you just right

[Talib Kweli]
With the rhythm, the rhythm, God bless the rhythm
It's the rhythm, rhythm; yes ya'll the rhythm
Shorty on the dance floor giving me rhythm
Hi Tek make ya'll nod ya'll neck to the rhythm

(Chorus) w/ minor variations (x2)

[Talib Kweli]
Uh yeah yeah yeah
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh (x2)

Clap your hands everybody (x4)

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