Who Sang Rotations? Reflections

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length: 7:21
I have been here more than once before
These shapes are more than just s***es
To me
Its more of a psychological mind f***
In the beginning, I could not tell
The difference from whats real
And what disintegrates
But now where I stand
I can see it all
From where I stand
I can see it all

Break these bonds
I f****** hate the way it sounds when you speak
Waiting for the day
You turn around so I can watch you
My sanctum may be shattered into what used to be
I will make this balance sustain
My bonds may all be broken
The lifeless seeds in me
Hopefully it can set me free

Set me free

Bring me fourth unto
A place where the curtains
Never draw
Break this cycle
Be careful for we show no mercy

And I dont want this to be my home
Its all too familiar, this cant be home
I dont want this to be my home
Nothing ever changes
This cant be home

These lights are black
This Heaven is composed
By the Fallen

Take it all back

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Ceilings
  • 2 Ms. Communication
  • 3 Good Push
  • 4 Picture Perfect
  • 5 An Artifact
  • 6 Advance Upon Me Brethren
  • 7 Lost...
  • 8 And Found
  • 9 Rotations

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    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin