Who Sang No Sunshine? Rhymefest

Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 3:19
[Intro] [Michael Jackson talking]
You ever want something...that you know you shouldn't have?
The more you know you shouldn't have it...the more you want it.
And then one day...you get it. It's so good to you.

[Verse One]
I got addicted to the game, to the money to the fame
I'm walkin' through the club and e'rybody know my name and that's a god damn shame
When you'll lose everything from the crib, to the kids to the ring
On your wife's finger, might sting ya
(Daddy is a nice singer)
Tried to do the right thing but this is how your life end's up
When you're dreamin' and turn them dreams into cash
And buy a Beamer
Retractable ceilin'
Where the grass get a lot greener, Feds look a lot meaner
Bad bitches, in and out, ass lookin' like Trina's
Daddy isn't perfect
Awe yeah, it's perfect
Them worshipers, I deserve it, thank me for my service
I got mo' cars, mo' ice, my own club, so nice
My own blood I gamble with
Losin' that is no {echo}
I just wanna live right
Why it's hard to go to sleep at night?

[Chorus] [Sample 'Ain't No Sunshine' by Michael Jackson]
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away (Come take a ride with us for a minute man. Uh huh)
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone (This is Rhymefest)
And she's always gone too long (And your man...little Mike)
Anytime she goes away (Yeah, yeah, get ready. Here we go again baby. Look.)
Wonder this time where she's gone

[Verse Two]
You ever
Wanted something so bad
Till you got it?
Then it loses all the magic and it just don't feel exotic
You take it for granted
Beat it up until you lose it
Is it cars or your money or your woman or your music?
Or you take the blue pill and you livin' that illusion
But I spit my pill out so now I'm livin' in my movement
And I'm movin' like a panther through the drama and confusion
Of a future that was promised to a shorty that was losin'
Look at my bruises
Beautiful cause how I got 'em
Look at his body
Beautiful in the way I shot him
I like my beats like my bitches that got a lot of bottom
Oh, if you wanna play possum, we could possibly rob him
Like the Feds when Shaft shot 'em (Boom)
Until we all fuckin' with bills / Bill's like Hillary Rodham
Until it's gone, until the morn', until it's on
Mike c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

[Chorus] [Sample 'Ain't No Sunshine' by Michael Jackson]
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone (Yeah, you know what it is)
It's not warm when she's away (This is Rhymefest. See I'm the #1 Michael Jackson fan in the world baby)
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone (Ain't no fans realer than me)
And she's always gone too long (Cause ain't no fans doin' what I'm doin' right now)
Anytime she goes away (Look. And she goes and she goes and she goes)
Wonder this time where she's gone

[Rhymefest talking]
You know what? I'ma tell you like this. I'm so REAL with this right here man
This is so much in my HEART right now man. I'll take this CD to the hood RIGHT NOW!
Give it to the biggest dope dealer in the WORLD and he'll LOVE IT, HE'LL LOVE IT!
Haha. You a child to me man. Get out my face

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