Richard Thompson - Her Love Was Meant for Me 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2018-9-14
length: 5:02
Gypsy thing? twists my love life
She's my soul and destiny
Three times I turned the queen of hearts
But her love was meant for me

Cupid shoots just like a baby
Her Romeo won’t let her be
Shoot them darts in my direction
Her love was meant for me

As a kid, I saw rainbows
But life, it turns you upside down
It shakes the money out of your Wranglers
Leave you heaving on the ground

Oh I've followed all the prophecies
From sea to shining sea
She came to me walking backwards
Her love was meant for me

Now she's mine, I plan to keep her
So put your eyes back in their sockets
Your holes of the upholstery
Put your hands back in their pockets

Oh she doesn’t look at you, brother
The way she looks at me
Like a razor through a scarecrow
Her love was meant for me

Don't need a ticket for the future
The apocalypse is free
Armageddon's in the mirror
Her love was meant for me (love was meant for me)
Her love was meant for me

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  • 登録情報
    label: Proper Records
    format: Digital Media
    barcode: 805520931502
    script: Latin