Who Sang Help Me? Richie Kotzen

Richie Kotzen 24 Hours cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-11-11
Genre: Rock Blues
Style: Blues Rock/Hard Rock
length: 4:34
I've been thinking so much but
Can't remember everything
Maybe I was hypnotized by last night

Asking all my friends about it
They can't tell me nothing
All I wanna do is know why

Help me, lady
Help me remember
Help me I'm unfortunate
Lady, I'm just a poor boy

Help me, I'm crazy
Help me, I love you
(You know I don't)
I say, help me, I'm confused

Help me with the things I don't get so well
Help me with the things I can't do

Help me, can you help me?
Gonna try, gonna try this time
'Cause I don't wanna lose

Help me understand it
Understand it, understand it
Understand it, understand it
All right

Help me to forget about the past that I'm running from
Help me to remember
Remember how I feel about you

Help me, Stacy
Help me, Alicia
Help me, Leticia
It's gotta be one of you

It's making me crazy
My eyesight is hazy
You're torturing me, baby
Now where're we at?

I say, help me, I want you
Help me, I need you
Help me, I'm bleeding you
I'm so confused

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