Who Sang Birdman? Ride

Ride Carnival of Light cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-6-20
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Brit Pop/Shoegaze/Psychedelic Rock/Garage Rock
length: 6:39
Blackbird flying in the sky
Please don't look me in the eye
You are very very lucky
It's never easy to find me

The winter's coming now you've grown
The cold will numb you to the bone
It cuts you through so that you know
In pain the minutes go so slow

Your soul and mine will carry on
When this transparent world is gone
There's nothing strange in what I say
It's always meant to be this way

Power streams where love is strong
Energy converting, never gone
There's never going to be an end
A million atoms can't pretend

Until the cold ground swallows me
Me and Ide, go running free
Then we'll change, not disappear
All channels receiving loud and clear

Birdman think he owns the sky
But he can't look me in the eye
I walk on gilded mirror blades
I walk on razors feel no pain

In the heat of summertime
Rolling thunder is my sign
I understand what's going on
I'm gonna fly right to the sun

CD 1
  • 1 Moonlight Medicine
  • 2 1000 Miles
  • 3 From Time to Time
  • 4 Natural Grace
  • 5 Only Now
  • 6 Birdman
  • 7 Crown of Creation
  • 8 How Does It Feel to Feel?
  • 9 Endless Road
  • 10 Magical Spring
  • 11 Rolling Thunder
  • 12 I Don't Know Where It Comes From