Alive in the City Lyrics - Riot V

Riot V Army of One cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-7-12
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 7:03
Patronize me, crucify me, throw me in your hole
Suicide see, can't control me, the only thing you know
Try to break me, try to make me, turn against my soul
Try to burn me, try to turn me, against the things I know

I know you, you're alive in the city, never bring me down
I'll turn you from pride to pity, your feet ain't on the ground

Down get down
Running from the man gonna keep me running
Now you've found
Never gonna get what you want from money
Down you'll see, alive in the city where the blind man see
Dawn this town, never gonna change your history

Classify me, pacify me, stab me with your smile
Try to hate me, desecrate me, keep me in denial
You're hesitating, I'm penetrating, deep inside your mind
Infiltrating, eviscerating, everything I find

I found you down in the city, now it is your time
I've d___ed you, and all you're pity, finished with your lies

d___ this town, never gonna lose your history

Classify me, pacify me, you'll see
Crucify me, patronize me, you'll see
Try to break me, try to make me, you'll see
Try to turn me

Down you'll see, living like a pig in misery
Down get down, spitting in the face of you and me

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