Let It Show Lyrics - Riot V

Riot V Through the Storm cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-8-26
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 4:37
Somewhere deep, deep inside a dream
Is it only in my mind, it`s only you
Till the end I felt like I believe
Something real, something I have feared
Loving you is all I had, only you

Never thought I would be true
Never thought it could be real
Never nothing left for me
I feel like I should say
Let me know, don`t you ever let me go
I`m losing you, you don't know how I feel
Let it show, don`t you ever let it go
I`m holding on to something that is real
Don`t you know it`s killing me
I`m losing everything I see
Is this all you wanted for us baby, let it show
Don`t you go, won`t you even let me know
I`m holding on, can`t you ever let it go
I`m losing you, there`s nothing left for me
Tell me why, why there`s nothing left to hide
I`m holding on, baby don`t let go
I can see, yeah there's nothing left for me
I`ll be holding on, won`t you let it show
Let it show

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