Who Sang Storming the Gates of Hell? Riot V

Release information
Release Date: 1990-2-16
Genre: Rock
Style: Speed Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 3:43
Riding the white horse faithful and true
With the armies of heaven behind
His eyes were like fire, he wore many crowns
He suffered the pain for mankind
The I saw the besat and the kings of the earth
And their armies were gathered to fight
Into the lake of fire they fell
Storming the gates of Hell

Faithful we are
Blessed is he
The rightous ones we will defend
Armed with the sword and the wine of revenge
On the enemy we will descend
Then I saw businessmen, barons and whores
And a city was buiolt to their name
Intot he lake of fire they fell
Storming the gates of hell

I'm a vicitm of philosophy
Meanwhile in Babylon
Men lock their doors while merchants of death walk free
The minds of the weak and the helpless
Are so anshackled in slavery
There is no justice or mercy or peace
While cowards and fools rule the day
We'll risk our lives and our fortunes as well
Storming the Gates of hell

CD 1
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  • 2 Metal Soldiers
  • 3 Runaway
  • 4 Killer
  • 5 Dance of Death
  • 6 Storming the Gates of Hell
  • 7 Maryanne
  • 8 Little Miss Death
  • 9 Black Leather and Glittering Steel
  • 10 Racing With the Devil on a Spanish Highway (Revisited)