The Law Lyrics - Riot V

Riot V Sons of Society cover art
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Release Date: 1999-7-16
length: 3:47
I got my mind on lettin go.
Seventy years or more i'm paying for my crime.
What i've done i just don't know.
I did my time behind these wallls.
I hear the sound of freedoms call.

Running from the law, from the law
That's where i'm at baby

I took my chance i made my stance once and for all.
No more chains to hold me down.
I run and hide i will decide to never fall.
No more Kings to break my crown
Finally free no more to pay.
Your battered walls can't make me stay.

No more running from the law, from the law
From the law, from the law.That's where i'm at now.

No more running from the law, from the law, from the law, from the lw
Not the man i used to be, one more day i will be free.
i'm running so hard oh no that's right.
Oh no they ain't never taking me alive baby. That's right

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