Who Sang The Last Supper? Riul Doamnei

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Release Date: 2007-9-20
length: 8:47
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Her legs deleyed naked
As moist sunset knot
A core in the Garden of Olives
Her young feet were laved
By the waters of Isis
And pleasure went to her womb
A voyeur hid gaze envy dressed over boughs
John wept when saw Rabbi laid
Not history teach many lies or the Thruth?
This is secret of Sang Reаl tomb

Delighted Synedrium
Was waiting the dawn
And crucifixion torment
Last supper to depose
The concubine chosen
Under sign of the goddess
Horned and everything mother

Two millenniums of royal bloodline dethroned
...For Magdalene...
Carnal bride desecrated
The ruin of modern men

Same night their master
Broke host for fourteen
But John missed last supper to suffer
To the right of sentenced
Sat Mary, sixteen
She carried the seed of disaster
Would been a widow from the first day to third
A vestal for cross on the floor
Peter dark mask to suffocate
Her story and to forget
Of sudarium secrets
Was She guardian enthroned
The beginning of heresy
And next orthodox Rome

Engraved in the vatican dome

The concubine chosen
Under sign of the goddess
Horned and everything mother
"...Tear my h**** Jesus!..."

Let I receive thy s**** warm
As eucharistic symbol bread
My body is this offered to thee
In sacrifice for breed..."

Candles light on the table
As shadow swift through Apostles eyes
Of hoisted T-form Saviour
All thirteen Via Crucis surveyed
Hawthorn crown and flower flavour
Silence burnt when Jesus claimed:
"Among thee I'll be betrayed"
And Peter strared her womb with hate

She gravid princess of A.D. thirtythree
In Jetzemani Garden by Peter persuaded
Setting Iscariot jealous forefinger suave
Just Magdalene merried under tree

Forth Judas noose and his love for Her

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    label: Deadsun Records
    country(area): France
    format: CD
    script: Latin