Rizzle Kicks - Jam Yourself Lyrics

release date: 2013-9-2
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Pop Rap
length: 3:49

Make it rain bitch

Ay yo, good morning mister
Give me all that money in your wallet, please
I want to live life lavish, but there's lots of fees
And is it feasible for me to born a property
Drinking milkshakes in Barbados sounds proper sweet

Cause ya life's so suitable
Your yard's so nice, and your wife's so beautiful
Your car still shines, and your food's so unusual
Hit me with a die, are you actually Zeus's fool, crazy

If you talk like that you're gonna regret what happens in the future, (Future)
Don't stress right now, cause now's not time, realize this life don't suit ya

But, what about the champagne and girls that'll twirl
(It'll taste so much better if you've earnt it yourself)
Yeah I've heard what you've said, man I've heard it well
Take it step by step
Gotta jam yourself

You gotta jam yourself
(You gotta jam yourself)
You gotta jam yourself
(Cause nobody can hand you wealth)
You gotta jam yourself
(Yeah, yeah, you gotta jam yourself)
You gotta jam yourself

(Gotta play with your hand you're dealt)

What did that get though I sprayed for all the plants and stuff
I want diamonds to go, but steal some womans' hearts and clubs
Waitin' isn't half as fun
If I jacked the king, maybe the Queen will put me in charge for once
Yeah, wouldn't that be ace

No, son you're a chaser
Dreams full of beauty, but all of it made up
If I give you everything, that wouldn't change much
You need ta feel like your work has paid off

Nah, give it, I'll even eat my spinach
I'm a nu-de-decent living, near a beach with heaps of women
Maybe see all the Pacific if you need to be specific
Drinking tea but still be chilling, all I need is like a million
Give me keys to the ignition, see these streets feel like a prison
Can you please be free I'm willing, I want stacks
I've the physique of Peter Griffin, know I'll never reach my limit
I just need to keep the spirit, what ya thinking
Go jam yourself


Girls have flair, but then your stanza failed

Ok then, you wanna see, what it's like being me
You want a preview, a little taste
Of what it's like for your dreams to be, made
I'm happy to show you, but you better prepared
You can't, back down now son
Just remember what I said, oh

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
I'm talkin' 'bout the money
Oh, yeah
It's all about the money
Oh, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Jam, yo, alright maybe I'll just jam myself

You gotta jam yourself
Yeah, you gotta jam yourself
You gotta jam yourself
Cause nobody can hand you well
You gotta jam yourself
Gotta jam, gotta jam, gotta jam yourself
You gotta jam yourself
Gotta play with your heand you're dealt
Jam yourself, jam yourself

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