Who Sang Different? Roach Gigz

Roach Gigz Bugged Out cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-9-4
length: 3:10


[Verse 1]
Alright, no more games
Gotta have your money right to afford my name
Not too many would support my dream
Now, I'm throwin' up the deuce as I board my plane
I was born in an apartment, in Frisco City
Where it's money over hoes but, that bitch so pretty
It's peace and love but, that shit still with me
Cause everybody ain't a hippy like me
Why you wanna trip? Get trippy like me
It's R. Geezy. Thank God for the morning
After a hard evening, I've seen hard breathing
Collapse lungs on the ones that I loved for
What you think I did drugs for?
Reality's harsh, life's dark
I need a buzz more
Want my friends in a Porsche, not bus poor
That's that shit that makes my blood boil

I'm different... Different
Yeah, I done been through it all but, I refuse to fall
You trippin'

[Verse 2]
I'm 24 but, I feel like I'm 50
Take a lot of risks. Got 19s but, hit me;
When I was 19, it was me and little 4
On a spree through the store
Pills, trees and some bo
B.I.G. went the hardest
Roach G. is an artist
My mom is a goddess
Probably thought I was retarded
For the drama that I started
Now I’m a star, at the club they don’t call me
Only fuck with a few in the Goomba Army
If I don't know you
Then I think you're tryin to harm me
Yeah, I work hard
Like an immigrant farmin'
And I rep Cali. Get ignorant for me
If I fall then I get up
Before I do that, I do a sit up
Labels tryin to get us
Gold and hoes
Don't let that fake shit split us
And this drank tryin to rape my liver


Shhh... don't make a sound
I won't let nobody break me down

Oh, this world got me trippin'
But fuck that shit. I'm gonna keep on livin'


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