Love Gone to Waste Lyrics - Robert Cray

Robert Cray Take Your Shoes Off cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-4-27
length: 4:14
One day we love
Next day we fight
You change your mind, girl
Like day and night

Like Jekyl and Hyde
You come and you go
Why you so mean, girl
I just don't know

You do it all the time
Keep a frown on your face
Like a fool left out all night, oh baby
Love gone to waste
Gone to waste

Don't make no sense
The way you do
Thought all the things, girlĀ ??
I'd do for you

Why can't you be
Like you used to?
Do the same things, girl
You used to do

You throw the love away
And we don't get a taste
If you don't use, you lose, baby
Love gone to waste
Gone to waste

I'm gonna leave
If things don't change
Can't take no more, girl
You acting strange

Life's just too short
Love is hard to find
Don't be no fool, girl
Don't waste my time

There's too much at stake
To walk out in haste
Has love grown cold?
Oh, baby
Love gone to waste
Gone to waste

Has love gone to waste, baby?
Has it gone to waste?

Gone to waste

Gone to waste
There's too much at stake, baby
Has it gone to waste?

Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyy, hey!
Gone to waste, yes

Too much at stake, baby!

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