Our Last Time Lyrics - Robert Cray

Robert Cray I Was Warned cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1992-4
Genre: Funk / Soul Blues
Style: Electric Blues/Soul
length: 5:10
As soon as the sweat begins to dry
And you begin to forget why you came
You can't even look me in the eye
When you remember your good name

And by the time that you step out of shower
And start to dry your hair
You have long since ceased to care about
Our last time

While you put your make up on
I watch you yawn and check your watch
It's all reflected in the mirror
You're already miles away from here

And as you watch me watch you slip into your dress
And your high heels you know just how I feel
To be the last to ever know about
Our last time, our last time

The you put your perfume on
Your string of pearls and your diamond rings
And take one last look around the room
To see if you've left anything

And as you leave you turn and blow a kiss
And tell me that it sure was fun
And what I thought had just begun
Has just become our last time
And what I thought had just begun
Has just become our last time, our last time

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