That's What Keeps Me Rockin' Lyrics - Robert Cray

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Release Date: 2009-8-11
length: 5:32
That's what keeps me rockin'

I was talkin to my neighbour, that lives next door
who marveled at your pace as you went walking thru the store
I said hey up baby, and come right back
you know she brought me a meal cos I didn't want a snack

That's what, keeps me rockin'
that's what, keeps me rockin'
that's what, keeps me rockin' it
that's what keeps me keepin on

She's got, smooth long legs, curly red hair
when I look into her eyes, that you would never dare
when I see that sunlight, shining thru your dress
you know I, I transform into a hell of a mess


Yes she's my fine fine baby
you know that its true
and I'm a lucky son of a gun
she's never gonna leave me, no matter what I do
cos we ain't got nothin' but fun

I wanna tell everybody, bout this poor boys dream
don't be surprised if things are better than they seem
yes I'm Mr lucky put your mind at ease
when I need a little lovin' I don't have to say please


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