Who Sang Fire? Robert Gordon

Release information
Release Date: 1982
length: 2:39
piano: Bruce Springsteen
guest piano: Bruce Springsteen
performer: Charlie Messing, Howard Wyeth, Billy Cross, Robert Gordon, Link Wray and Rob Stoner
lyricist: Bruce Springsteen
composer: Bruce Springsteen
I'm drivin' in my car, you turn on the radio
I'm pullin' you close, but you just say no
You say you don't like it, but girl I know you're a liar
Cause when we kiss, ooh, fire

Late at night, I'm chasing you home
I say I want to stay, you say you want to be alone
You say you don't need me, but you can't hide your desire
Cause when we kiss, ooh, fire

You've had a hold on me right from the start
It felt so good, I couldn't tear it apart
Got my nerves all jumpin', actin' like a fool
Cause your kisses they burn, but your heart stays cool

Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah
Baby, you can bet the love they couldn't deny
Well, now your words say split, but your words they lie
Cause when we kiss, ooh, fire

Oh, oh, fire
Oh, oh, fire
Oh, oh, fire

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 The Way I Walk
  • 3 Sea Cruise
  • 4 Black Slacks
  • 5 Rock Billy Boogie
  • 6 Fire
  • 7 Sonething's Gonna Happen
  • 8 It's Only Make Believe
  • 9 Someday, Someway
  • 10 Wasting My Time
  • 11 Flyin' Saucer Rock & Roll
  • 12 Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die