Reverend Lee Lyrics - Roberta Flack

Roberta Flack Chapter Two cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1970
Genre: Jazz Funk / Soul
Style: Rhythm & Blues/Soul
length: 4:33
remixer: Lew Hahn
producer: King Curtis and Joel Dorn
recording engineer: Lew Hahn
arranger: Donny Hathaway
vocal: Roberta Flack
piano: Donny Hathaway
guitar: Eric Gale
baritone saxophone: Trevor Lawrence
bass: Chuck Rainey
drums (drum set): Ray Lucas
percussion: Warren Smith
strings: Tosha Samaroff, Emanuel Green, Arnold Block, Alfred Brown, Peter Buonconsiglio, Selwart Clarke, Lewis Eley, Leo Kahn, Max Kahn, Seymour Miroff, Gene Orloff, Raoul Polikian and Max Pollikoff
tenor saxophone: George Marge
trombone: Garnett Brown and Chauncey Welsch
trumpet: John Glasel, John Frosk and Ernie Royal
woodwind: Frank Wess
Spoken: This is a song about a very big, black, strong,
s__y southern baptist minister,
who thinks that he's got his program all together
until he runs up against a lady
who shows him that he ain't got it all together.
His name is Rev. Doctor Lee

Rev. Lee, he went to the water,
and he prayed to the lord about ol satan's daughter.
It seems in a dream, child,
while he lay sleeping,
she climbed in his bed,
starts rubbing and weeping.

Oh she was twisting and turning,
she was beggin and pleading,
loving burning,
panting and breathing,

Rev. Lee she said,
"oh lord knows I love you child,
I will not even place God above you."
Rev. Lee he lifted his arms high,
said "heavenly father, take me home to the sky."
He said "lord please don't test me,
not down where she touched me oh,
my mind is so hazzy lord my body is hungry,
oh yeah"

God rolled a thunder then a bolt of lighting he seemed to be angry,
oh sure was frightening,
the thunder grew louder louder,
dark and conditions just then a voice said
"God can not petitioned"

Just then the devil emerged from the water
and he said in a dry voice
"your God will not barter."

Reverend Lee ran screaming from the water,
he was hotly persude by old satan's daughter,
"Rev. Lee" she said Rev. Lee, Rev. Lee,
oh do it to me, Rev. Lee,
do it to me, Rev. Lee do it to me...."

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