Who Sang King of Love? Robin Mark

Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 3:59
King of Love (Sorry no Chord chart) Key B

Music as per piano

I will see the King of Love on that glorious day,
When this mortal body fails and my spirit sails away.
No more fears or tears to cry, no darkness of the night
Ceaseless praise will lift Your name around the throne so bright


Heaven is my home, Hallelujah
I am but a stranger here on Earth
And I shall take my place
There at the Throne of Grace
And worship face to face
Heaven is my home


Peace at last as I behold my Saviour face to face
Jesus Christ, the nail scarred King of Mercy Love and Grace

Repeat Chorus

  • 1 Mighty God
  • 2 On You My Hope Relies
  • 3 For Your Faithfulness
  • 4 My Life Is Hid
  • 5 King of Love
  • 6 Be Exalted
  • 7 Not by Might
  • 8 Let Your Word Go Forth
  • 9 Lord of My Vision
  • 10 Psalm 23
  • 11 Great Love
  • 12 Lion of Judah
  • 13 What Every Woman Wants
  • 14 Dedication Song