Who Sang Rock of Ages? Robin Mark

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You are known as the Rock of Ages,
And the holy Ancient of Days.
Men of old who saw Your face Lord,
Would not ever be the same.
When You came as God Incarnate
Walked this earth, Your glory veiled,
Those who knew You, and who loved You
Would not ever be the same.

I have seen You, Rock of Ages,
I will never be the same.
Oh, I love You, Rock of Ages,
I will always love Your name.

Will You hide me, Rock of Ages
In the secret place of peace?
Can I feel Your burning glory?
Can I hear You when You speak?
Will You chasten me and mould me?
Will You hold me in Your will?
Just to know You, love and serve You
And Your purposes fulfil.

  • 1 Holy Holy
  • 2 Rock of Ages
  • 3 Sanctuary
  • 4 This Is the Day (6:30 AM)
  • 5 My Hope Is in the Lord
  • 6 Secret Place
  • 7 Daughters of Jerusalem
  • 8 This Is the Mystery
  • 9 You Are Robed
  • 10 Men of a Certain Age
  • 11 Everything Cries Holy