Who Sang Secret Place? Robin Mark

Robin Mark Sanctuary cover art
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Where could I find someone like You?
Unbounded love in all You do.
So I'II seek to know You more,
I'II press into Your word again,
Drawing on Your Spirit's power,
Drinking from that well again.

Heaven and Earth are in Your hands.
This Universe within Your plan.
Dust of life no eye can see,
Only stir when You command.
Some divine permission given,
Empowered by Your mighty hand.

And You knew me, in the secret place,
As my being formed, You beheld my days.
And You know me now,
You know all my ways.
Nothing's hid from You
I'm with You always.

My weakest means, my poorest words,
To tell this world of Your redeeming love.
By Your Holy Spirit's power
Is articulation given,
Message to the poor in heart.
Jesus Christ is risen again!

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  • 3 Sanctuary
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  • 5 My Hope Is in the Lord
  • 6 Secret Place
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