Who Sang What Every Woman Wants? Robin Mark

Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 6:48
he is dreaming of her Adonis,
He¹s a tall and handsome man
He works somewhere in the city
For a dealer from j__an
And he will often bring her flowers
And occasionally they'll dine
In a small familiar restaurant
Where they pass a pleasant time.

And his heart's desire is that the flame
And fire of their love will never die
And if sometimes she feels a little down at heel,
well she knows he'll never mind
For he doesn't care if her tangled hair
Doesn't shine like some Mary Quant
And to her it seems, this man of her dreams
Is what every woman wants.

He is dreaming of a woman
And her hair is fiery red
And it tumbles on her pillow,
Where she's lying in their bed
She will give her love completely,
There's abandon in her arms
There's a recklessness embracing
And submission in her charms.

And she doesn't mind if he's feeling tired,
When he comes home late from work
Or if all his plans fail, she'll understand
For she knows his pride is hurt
And she'll not compare, no she wouldn¹t dare
And she'll never tease or taunt
And of her, he dreams, 'cause she makes him feel,
He¹s what every woman wants.

Well then he looks up from his paper
And he catches in her eyes
Some sweet sparkle of remembrance
that he barely recognise
If she knew what he'd been thinking,
Or if his thoughts to her were clear
In his heart a pain is aching,
On her cheek there falls a tear.

And the spoken word that they seldom heard,
Starts to flow like a crystal stream
And the whispered prayer that they'd lost to care,
Starts to banish alll those dreams
And the loving touch, that they missed so much,
What they really knew all along
Was in their Father's hand, it was always planned,
They¹d have everything they want.

And with downcast eye they will realise
All those wasted, wanting times
Where a hostage made to a debt once paid
By the loving heart of Christ
And as His Spirit flows in their hearts they know,
They won't need those dreams that haunt
For in His eyes they see they'll never need,
He is everything they want.

  • 1 Mighty God
  • 2 On You My Hope Relies
  • 3 For Your Faithfulness
  • 4 My Life Is Hid
  • 5 King of Love
  • 6 Be Exalted
  • 7 Not by Might
  • 8 Let Your Word Go Forth
  • 9 Lord of My Vision
  • 10 Psalm 23
  • 11 Great Love
  • 12 Lion of Judah
  • 13 What Every Woman Wants
  • 14 Dedication Song