Robin Thicke - Cloud 9 Lyrics

writers: Paula Patton, Robert Bradford Keyes, Robin A. Thicke
release date: 2011-12-6
genres: Hip Hop Funk / Soul Pop
styles: Soul/RnB/Swing
length: 2:57
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
No complaints
No hour of need
No no no
I just wanna be free
I'm just trying to get by
Don't you worry baby
I'll be alright
I'm doing just fine
Sittin' here livin' on cloud 9
Livin' on cloud 9
I'm doin just fine
Livin' on cloud 9
Ain't got no worries
Ain't got no frets
Oh yeah
Livin' on cloud 9
He thinks she's this
And she thinks he's that

Delusional people
Livin' life too fast
So I'm takin' my time
Sittin' here livin' here on cloud 9
Oh it ain't a fantasy yeah yeah
I'm just sittin' here like a leaf up on a tree
Like a bird on a wire
I'm just takin' my time
He's a dog
She's a ***** cat
Could'a ruled the world
And stuff like that
Never enters my mind
Sittin' here livin' on cloud 9
Oh livin' on cloud 9 baby
So if you ever get down
Oh come and sit down right here next to me
I'll be waitin' for you
Livin' on cloud 9
Oh yeah
Livin' on cloud 9
Oh yeah

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 An Angel on Each Arm
  • 2 I'm an Animal
  • 3 Never Give Up
  • 4 The New Generation
  • 5 Love After War
  • 6 All Tied Up
  • 7 Pretty Lil Heart
  • 8 Mission
  • 9 Tears on My Tuxedo
  • 10 Boring
  • 11 Lovely Lady
  • 12 Dangerous
  • 13 Full Time Believer
  • 14 I Dont Know How It Feels to Be U
  • 15 Cloud 9
  • 16 The Lil Things
  • 17 What Would I Be