Won't Even Think About You Lyrics - Robin Trower

Robin Trower Passion cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1987
Genre: Rock
Style: Blues Rock/Hard Rock
length: 3:38
I don’t know what you’re saying to me
And I’m not sure I care
Just watch out in the dead of the night
Go alone if you dare

You seem to court disaster, black clouds above your head
Why should you wish your master dead
There’s chaos all around you, your prints are on the knife
No runnin’, no foolin’, you took a life

I won’t even think about you, as you walk out the door
Won’t even think about, I don’t need you no more

When you jumped out of that window, I heard you scream
“He who dares wins”
And that black by the cloud that you wear
Hides you face not your sin

Your kisses taste of acid, your looks beguile
You hide behind a plastic smile
I should be glad to lose you, why should I care
No pity, no quarter, no messin’ here

You know you’ve blown your chances but still you smile
If nothing else you’ve still got style
You won’t admit defeat now, lies through your teeth
No kidding, no whitewash, this is for keeps

[Chorus x2]

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