Who Sang Fat Jack & Bonefish Joe? Rockapella

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 3:18
He a big old fish, like to take a swim
Little bitty fishies look up to him
Try to catch him, he turn mean
Got some moves you never seen
He a big old, bad old
Never make him mad old Bonefish
Big ol' Bonefish, ugly thing; "Albula vulpes"...

Fat Jack, he a city man
Most time never get a dirty hand
He take a notion want to catch a fish
Need some help to get his wish, ya know
He find a man named Bonefish Joe
Take Fat Jack where the Bonefish go

Gonna get them fish, don't you know, Fat Jack and Bonefish Joe.

Find a spot, cast a line
Bonefish Joe say this look fine
Fat Jack don't have to wait, big old Bonefish take the bait
He take a big old juicy bite
He taste the hook, he start to fight

Bonefish take the line and run
See Fat Jack, gonna have some fun
He turn around, swim straight on back
He make a fool of old Fat Jack
Bonefish Joe say, "Here he come"
Fat Jack stand there, lookin' dumb

Don't lose that fish, don't let go, Fat Jack and Bonefish Joe.

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  • Release information
    country(area): Japan
    script: Latin